Why You Should Choose an Agency to Manage your Marketing

Marketing Management

Many companies, including small or medium size, either hire an employee or the owner(s) do all the marketing themselves. Then, they will often contract specific or complex jobs out such as website or graphic design. I have seen this work, but in my experience over the years, the marketing and ROI(return on investment) is subpar, if not terrible. Why does this happen? There are a couple reasons for this.

Firstly, and probably the biggest reason is consistency. Even if you're contracting out different areas of marketing to professionals, it's difficult for them because you're not giving them the full picture. This causes inconsistency. Just how important is continuity? On representation of brand alone, a 2019 study found a consistent brand raises revenue by 33%.

Secondly, setting your marketing objectives is so crucial in achieving your business goals. This is best left to an expert who understands the capability of platforms and how to track your progress. If you're using different contractors, they're not going to be inline with each other and not working towards the exact same objectives.

Third, for most small to medium sized businesses it's very difficult to afford a full-time marketing employee and to find that someone who has a full marketing skill set. This is something that I know very well. I myself was a full time marketing manager for 8+ years. It's a truly rare thing if you're a small business who can afford a full time marketing manager who can do graphic design, put together a marketing strategy, is proficient in social media marketing, does advanced Google Adwords, creates content for blogs, and can connect, book and manage magazine, radio and TV.

What are some of the benefits of hiring an agency to manage your marketing?

  • COST EFFECTIVE: An expert at an agency is going to do a project in a fraction of the time as a business owner or an entry level marketing employee. Also keep in mind, you don't need someone on payroll if you only need 2-5 hours a week for marketing.

  • CONVENIENCE: An agency's goal is to take the worry of marketing off your shoulders and place it confidently on theirs. Agencies will find the best person on their team for each individual project, while understanding how those projects all work together to meet your goals.

  • RESOURCEFUL: Marketing agencies are highly connected to people in the media and to different organizations, giving them a better opportunity to negotiate price and could even get you free publicity. They're also very knowledgeable on tools and 'tricks of the trade', cutting time and costs.

  • BETTER ROI: An agency professional is going to get you the 'best bang for your buck' and better results than a marketing novice. This will ultimately save you a ton of cash.

If you're looking for marketing management let our agency help you.

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