Still Stuck? When to Hire a Business Coach

It is an understatement to say we are living in unprecedented times. We at Mi business solutions have noticed a couple interesting trends.

One, businesses are struggling. From being closed, to reduced staff, to reduced hours, to adapting and learning all the new rules and guidelines for this pandemic. Another major concern is getting their customers back and growing their business out of the current crisis.

Two, from webinars to booklets, there is more information and business help available than there has ever been. But despite this, business leaders are still struggling. Struggling with cashflow, training, customer retention, marketing and customer service during COVID19. There could be a couple factors contributing to this including:

  • Limited/Poor Content: Content may not be specific enough for your industry or your situation.

  • Lack of Strategic Fundamentals: Missing in a lot of free booklets and webinars is how to set your framework so it can be strategic to reach your goals. Most information available is simply just information.

  • Not Actionable/No Accountability: Again, going back to content and strategy, without these elements it’s very difficult to set a real action plan and to hold yourself accountable to complete your tasks.

Third, ‘Zoom Fatigue’ is real. People are feeling particularly exhausted these days, and according to an article in The Globe In Mail, video conferencing and webinars are to blame. Our brains are working overtime to fill in gaps of nonverbal communication in order for us to absorb the information provided to us. With webinar after webinar, businesses are feeling drained.

When to Seek Help From a Business Coach

In general, a business coach works with you on strategy, planning and problem solving. They might help you develop business skills or to grow your knowledge. You should consider a business coach if:

  • You’re looking for information or advice.

  • There are skills that you need that don’t exist inside your organization.

  • You’re in need of strategies and techniques.

Benefits of a Business Coach

  • True Change Agents: Business coaches are change agent experts and can act as that outside voice to break up the roadblocks and make things happen inside your business.

  • Expertise: You might not have the internal resources or skill set within your company for a project or goal.

  • Idea generator: A coach can bring a fresh perspective to your business that you might not have. Insights that they have can boost your internal team to new ways of thinking and approaching problems. 

  • Training/Mentorship: By the nature of the job a business coach does, they are natural trainers. Their job is to share their knowledge, insight, and experience. They would be a good choice to do a training course, presentation or do one-on-one or team coaching.

How to Choose a Business Coach

It can be difficult to choose the right coach, especially if you are not familiar with any. When searching for a coach look for one who:

  • Understands and cares about your business.

  • Is actionable and strategic.

  • Is a natural teacher and mentor.

  • Provides exceptional customer service.

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