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Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Hi, Welcome to our first Blog!

Enjoy some of our recent projects:

Empress, Charitable Business Services

Empress is more than a partner to us, it's like a sister company. Empress was created to build a strong community of mentors and businesses.

This is their mission: ... to engage and strengthen our society by volunteering business and marketing services to local groups, non-profit organizations and charities. Secondly, to inspire and invigorate local businesses and artisans which helps to build a robust economy and more sustainable future for our community. Lastly, to empower women, by providing resources that will enable them to build successful businesses or careers.

They have also created an online community where businesses and business service leaders can join to talk about current events, bounce ideas off each other, and collaborate.

Checkout their website at

Mark's Parts

Mark's Parts is a local parts store. They focus on Automotive Parts, Auto Accessories, Hardware and Powersports. We partnered with them and offered these services

Good Vibrations

Love to meditate or be mindful? Good news! Good Vibrations offers a range of services including Meditation and Mindfulness Training, as well as Vibrational Sound Therapy. Mi business solutions partnered to complete web projects, social media and design.

So go ahead and check them out

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