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Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Creating a strategy for the COVID19 crisis and beyond.

Reestablish your Marketing Objectives

Over the next few months it’s important to review your marketing objectives. Now is not a time to go dark. Whether your business is closed, slow or mildly affected, you’ll need to change your approach to achieving your business goals. Here are some things to consider when reestablishing your Marketing Objectives:

- Closed For Business:

  • Stay relevant and top of mind

  • Showcase what makes your business so great, share your brand

  • Build up your followers

  • Serve your community in some way

  • Educate your customers about your field of expertise

  • Become a trusted resource in your industry

- Refocussing your Products/Services or your Target Market:

  • Develop & streamline your launch

  • Use your existing customer base to help share

  • Do a new Marketing Plan

- Somewhat or Mildly Affected:

  • Be hyper aware of your messaging, look through the lens of people affected by the Coronavirus

  • Communicate how you are keeping your team and the public safe

  • Let your customers know any new protocols in place

  • Find a way to give back, even if it’s just a social media shout out or share about another business

Develop Effective Messaging and Content

To help you achieve new objectives and to keep to your brand, develop an effective content strategy. I find the greatest success when you use these components with this formula:

Content = Target Market + Marketing Goal + Brand


Woof Woof Pet Groomers, who are closed but want to build a larger Facebook following.

Target Market: New Pet Owners

Marketing Goal: Build Facebook Followers

Brand: Friendliest Pet Groomer in Canada

A new puppy is rewarding but can feel overwhelming at times. We are happy to share some simple steps to get you through the first stage:

1. Let your puppy sleep in your bedroom, at least for the first few nights.

2. Baby gates are your friend.

3. Set a daily routine.

4. Set up a puppy room for when you can’t supervise.

5. Pick a potty spot.

For new and cute pet information, like our facebook page! *


Create a Long Term Plan

It is imperative that you create a long term marketing plan. Again, no one has a crystal ball, but you need to be prepared and so does your team. Create the best plan you can with the information you have, talk to industry leaders and listen to the medical experts.

Remember to be flexible and keep a contingency plan in your back pocket too!

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