Business as Un<usual: Customer Service

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Customer service can be difficult during this time due to many factors, including staff shortages, communication issues, and people are generally worried and distracted.

Why Customer Service is Important

It’s important to take a deep dive into your customer experience. Business is challenging right now, your customer experience can set you apart form other companies. Even if you are closed, the interactions you have with customers are important.

Customer Touch Points

These interactions are sometimes call touch points. A touchpoint is any interaction you have with your customer. It’s anything they see, hear and touch from your business. This could be your advertising, website, phone calls, or all the things they come into contact with when physically at your business. Take the time to go through your customer touch points, one by one.

Other Important Things to Consider:

  • Do you know your customer service cornerstones?

  • Are your customer service touch points currently matching your brand and values?

  • Should you be adding extra values of Safety & Compassion to your customer experience?

Customer service is a small, but integral part of your customer experience. Many businesses are asking themselves what will their customer experience look like in the future. I sat down with Terri Kinsman from the Rocking R Guest Ranch to talk about the COVID19 crisis and what plans they have for their future.

Terri and her husband run a luxury event centre with two beautiful cabins. They enjoy meeting people and through the guest ranch and have met people from all over the world. They have a sign in the ranch kitchen that says: Enter as Guests and Leave as Friends! Their greatest pleasures in life is to be able to share their beautiful ranch with family and friends, both old and new.

Stay tuned for more Business as Un<usual:

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