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Updated: Apr 30, 2020

A Brand can mean slightly different things to different people. A brand is how a company leads or communicates. It's the company culture, the customer experience, a customer’s expectations and a company’s marketing. It’s how you have your business all moving in the same direction and how to have concise messaging. Most importantly, your brand is who you are and what you stand for.

Not sure what a brand is?

Protecting Your Brand During Crisis

In a time of crisis things are changing rapidly. A strong and well communicated brand empowers you and your team to be able to make decisions and adjustments in a timely manner. It’s important you and your team don't go 'off script’ in messaging, away from your values and lose your reputation and brand. This will leave customers disappointed. Brand is also a part of company culture. It's especially critical to protect your work values, culture and team during a crisis.

Are Your Brand Values Enough To Deal With The COVID19 Health Crisis?

Your values typically don’t change but your vision might need to be adjusted. I have a theory that businesses and teams could adopt additional values to their vision to help cope, if not already part of their brand.

For example:

  • Health

  • Safety

  • Compassion

  • and/or Understanding

As you know, your brand values affect your entire company, not just marketing. Adding to your values will allow a way to effectively make decisions that are needed to address the Coronavirus specifically. Your customers and staff need to know you care, that your company is compassionate and that you’re taking their safety seriously. Adding additional values is a way to properly communicate any changes to what is important to your team. It can be communicated to everyone all at once, that way team members can carry out those changes quickly. This could affect your messaging, policies, procedures and marketing. It would be done in a way that is cohesive and all in the same direction you want to move the business.

In Conclusion

I believe it is necessary to take a look at your business values during this time and consider if you need to adopt addition brand values. I think it's an adjustment that we should continue after the immediate crisis as well. They could be dialled back later on, but this crisis is something that we will have to deal with for some time. By protecting your band in this way, it will help you stay in business during this moment in time and for the future as well.

Your team and your customers will remember how you handled this health crisis and they will know what you really cared about.

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