Workshop Series


How Important Is Customer Service To Success In Business?

When customer service gets done right, it unequivocally boosts a company’s bottom line. So there is a strong positive relationship between customer service and business success, no matter how a company defines success.

But some companies have poured many resources into improving customer service and ended up not seeing the results needing in their business.

What makes this workshop different:

In our workshop, we approach customer experience as a whole, including products, services, and anything your customers may come into contact with. But the biggest difference with these workshops is that they allow for customization for your market and business needs. All businesses offer a unique customer experience. 


Workshop 1 - Setting your Foundation

  • Why customer experience affects the bottom line 

  • How does customer experience fit into your business

  • Determine your company’s purpose, values and vision

  • The COVID-19 customer experience: adaptation, not justification 

Workshop 2 - Designing a Winning Team

  • Defining leadership inside your business

  • How to hire the right people

  • Training and mentoring 

Workshop 3 - Delivering Service Excellence

  • Creating your quality standards

  • Discover your important touch points

  • How to deliver service excellence, consistently 

  • Dealing with unhappy customers 

Participating Partners:


Testimonials About Presenter:

"Leanna brings a youthful approach to your business by helping create a vision,  setting goals and bringing a fresh vibrancy to creating a realistic plan to help you get there.” 

- Brian Varga, 

Councilor, City of Medicine Hat