COVID-19 Help For Small Businesses

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Our goal at Mi business solutions is to create strong businesses, equipped to meet future challenges.

We believe recovery and resilience can happen in a number of ways and needs to be carefully planned for the best use of resources and capital. That is why we take a project approach so any budget, challenge, or goal can be customized for our clients. The project may include services such as marketing and growth, business structure and team efficiencies, process changes, customer experience strategy, or customer service training. 


Below is our project process to help get your business back on track.

Initial Meeting &

Soft Assessment 

This complimentary consult kicks off the project with a quick assessment of challenges and needs. 

Pre-Plan Proposal

This proposal contains a general plan of deliverables, estimated budgets, and timelines. After Pre-plan is approved the project plan can begin.  

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True Assesment

Project Plan

The project plan contains detailed information including scope, true budgets, timelines, and products or services being developed. 

Project  & Deliverables