Do not strive for perfection, it simply does not exist. You will drive yourselves crazy if perfection is your goal.

Instead, strive for purpose.

Take a look within yourselves as a team, find the heart and soul of your business... That thing that motivates you, what gets you jumping out of the bed in the morning. If you can find that purpose, not just in your organization but in yourselves too, and all those goals align, you will be more than successful. You will change the world."

- Leanna Biggar, CEO

We are extremely passionate about working with people to reach their business goals. 

Number one, everything we do is positive and has a high standard of ethics. Mi business solutions believes in a win-win-win situation, where we win by being able to work with you, you win because you will grow your business, and your customers win because they get the exceptional experience and products you offer. 

The services and products Mi business solutions offer are very strategic. We make sure that what we are doing is purposeful to reach your goals. We never offer something that we believe won’t have a big return on investment. 

Working with us, you will find service and care like no other agency. We take pride in the relationships with collaborators like yourself. To us, every client is a life long partnership. And long after we work together, we'll still be cheering you on and we'll always be here for you.


  • Positivity

  • Profitability

  • Personalized

  • Passion 


“I would recommend Mi business solutions to anyone looking to develop a marketing strategy from the ground to the sky.  Leanna is extremely personable, easy to talk to and a real gem!  We have been extremely happy with the work we have created with the professional assistance to guide us along a journey, which has been long but very insightful and rewarding.  We look forward to continuing our work with Mi business solutions. They get us and I would recommend anyone to have a discussion with Leanna from Mi business solutions if you are looking for someone to assist with you with your social media and marketing strategies.  A big thumbs up!!!! Great professional, very easy to access – the whole package.  THANKS Mi business solutions!” 

- Cheryl Rockafellow,
LUX Farms


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