We are extremely passionate about working with people to reach their business goals. 

Number one, everything we do is positive and has a high standard of ethics. Mi business solutions believes in a win-win-win situation, where we win by being able to work with you, you win because you will grow your business, and your customers win because they get the exceptional experience and products you offer. 

The services and products Mi business solutions offer are very strategic. We make sure that what we are doing is purposeful to reach your goals. We never offer something that we believe won’t have a big return on investment. 

Working with us, you will find service and care like no other agency. We take pride in the relationships with collaborators like yourself. To us, every client is a life long partnership. And long after we work together, we'll still be cheering you on and we'll always be here for you.


Shawna Pierce, 

Digital Marketer

Virtual Assistant


Shawna was born and raised in Calgary Alberta. Has now lived in B.C. Alberta, and Saskatchewan she currently finds herself in Strathmore, Alberta. She started out in supportive roles in banking and the real estate legal industry and found herself wanting to do something more creative. She truly has a passion for helping others behind the scenes and always continues to learn new skills.

She has supported both individuals and businesses from and office of currency traders to individual lawyers or financial advisors. She left the banking industry behind, took that passion for supporting behind the scenes and now gears it towards helping small businesses & entrepreneurs. 

She has a passion for Social Media, Website Design and Business Project Management & Support. 

Leanna Biggar,

Business Coach

Over the last twelve years, Leanna has fine-tuned her analytical and research skills, as well as her ability to create comprehensive strategies. She has a strong and extensive marketing background with proficiencies in content creation, storytelling, social media advertising, photography, video creation and editing, graphic design, search engine optimizations, analytics, website design, and marketing strategy. 

Working as a leader, Leanna has managed many large teams and events, teams of 60-80 members and events with tens of thousands of visitors. Her success as a progressive manager is attributed to her pivotal branding and goal sessions, leadership strategies, team engagement initiatives, and customer relation workshops and training programs. With years of practiced execution of strategies, Leanna is able to share and teach others.


"My goal is to create better and healthier businesses. I have the privilege to work with many small and medium-sized businesses. And with my team, rapidly growing and expanding, we are happy and ready to take on new clients."



  • Positivity

  • Profitability

  • Personalized

  • Passion